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About Us

In March 2018 Joseph Cugini and George Routhier, the two surviving members of the committee that organized the Town of Westerly‘s 300th Anniversary, turned over $53,000 in funds that remained in an account from that effort. Over time, the monies had accrued interest at Westerly Community Credit Union (WCCU).  The gentlemen donated the funds to the Ocean Community Chamber Foundation (OCCF), a 501(c)3 organization, for the exclusive use of producing future town celebrations such as a 350th Anniversary event.   A restricted account was established at WCCU to continue managing these funds with the OCCF as the Fiduciary Agent.   

Soon after, the Town of Westerly 350th Anniversary Committee was established by the OCCF, with the unanimous approval of the 2018 Westerly Town Council.  The committee is charged with planning, promoting and execution of all official “Town of Westerly 350th Anniversary events and publications.”  More than 40 members of the community gathered on Saturday, February 24, 2018, at the Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce to start planning festivities.  Advisors from the 300th Anniversary Celebration were on hand to share information regarding the yearlong festivities that took place.  A variety of commemorative novelty items were reviewed along with an official historical program from the 300th Anniversary year.  After much lively discussion, the Westerly 350th Anniversary Committee was formed, officers were selected and then volunteers divided into subcommittees including; Finance, Fundraising, Marketing, Events, History, and Volunteers. The entire committee meets once a month to report the progress that their subcommittees have made. This group of devoted individuals is comprised of community leaders, business professionals, and residents.  All generously volunteer their time and efforts towards planning this town-wide celebration to honor the semiseptcentennial of Westerly, Rhode Island. 

Members present for the photo:

Bottom Row L to R:  Arlene Piacquadio, Thomas O’Connell, Betty Cugini, Joseph Cugini, Diana Serra, Chris Duhamel, Angie Smith, Paul Donahue, June Silvestri, Chris Green


Top Row L to R: Tom Gamache, Sandy Niles, Donna Brandelli, Sally Cuda, Nick Stahl, Betty-Jo Cugini, Theresa Cavalier, Lauren Sposato, Lisa Konicki, Maria DiMaggio, Diane Chiaradio Bowdy, Suzanne Giorno, Karen Donahue, Stacey Jackson, Celeste Santilli, Beth Frenette


Westerly 350th Anniversary Committee

① Executive Committee

② Finance Committee

③ Fundraising Committee

④ Marketing Committee

⑤ Gala Committee

⑥ Olde Tyme Country Fair Event Committee

⑦ Time Capsule Event Committee

⑧ Unity Bell Ringing Ceremony Committee

⑨ History Committee

⑩ Volunteer Committee

⑪ Historical Advisor

⑫ Commemorative Coin Committee

⑬ T-Shirt Committee

⑭ Commemorative Ornaments Committee

⑮ Commemorative Puzzle Committee

⑯ Holiday Light Parade Committee

⑰ Living Treasures of Westerly Video Committee

⑱ Dear Westerly 2069 Video Committee 

⑲ The Westerly Way Video Committee 

⑳Commemorative Coloring Book Committee


* Committee Chair/Co-Chair 

  • Dennis L. Algiere 

  • Carol Amedeo ⑨ ⑩ 

  • Lynn Anderson 

  • Vincent Bartucca ⑩ ⑥ 

  • Michael T. Brancato 

  • Donna Brandelli 

  • Joanna Burkhardt

  • Diane Chiaradio Bowdy  * ⑱*

  • Karen Cioffi, Westerly Town Council Liaison 

  • Caswell Cooke  

  • Sally Cuda  

  • Betty-Jo Cugini ① Secretary   

  • Joe Cugini 

  • Benjamin Delaney   

  • Maria DiMaggio ① Treasurer ② ③ ⑦ 

  • Karen Donahue  

  • Paul Donahue  

  • Chris Duhamel ① Co-Chair  

  • Beth Frenette ⑥ 

  • Jeff Frenette ⑥ 

  • Jennifer Fusaro 

  • JMack Studios 

  • Thomas Gamache 

  • Suzanne Giorno 

  • Pat Grande 

  • Chris Green  

  • Lisa Konicki ① Events Chair ② ③  ⑤ ⑭* ⑮* ⑯ ⑰* ⑱ ⑲* 

  • Police Chief Shawn Lacey ⑯

  • Bill Lancellotta 

  • John Layton 

  • Ellen Madison 

  • Roberta Mudge Humble 

  • Ed Nardone 

  • Sandy Niles 

  • Ocean Community Chamber Foundation 

  • Tom O'Connell ⑨ ⑫*

  • Sue Ogle 

  • Alison Patton 

  • Alan Peck 

  • Arlene Piaquadio ⑥ 

  • Diana Serra ① Co-Chair ③  ⑥  ⑰ 

  • Stephen P. Servidio 

  • June Silvestri *

  • Angela Smith 

  • Lauren Sposato ④* ⑬*

  • Nick Stahl *  

  • Bill Sullivan 

  • Joodie Symington

  • John Tedeschi ⑳*

  • Peter Trapani

  • Deb Turrisi 

  • Christopher White 

  • Thomas E. Wright 

How to Get Involved: Join us for one of our meetings! Contact us about other opportunities to plan events and spread the word. Thank you!

Next Meeting Dates:  

January 12, 2019

February 9, 2019

March 9, 2019

April 13, 2019

May 11, 2019

June 8, 2019

July 13, 2019

August 10, 2019

September 14, 2019


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