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WHS Class of 1969 Gift Unveiling

By: Kyra McCormick

On Saturday June 15, the Westerly High School Class of 1969 unveiled their class gift-- a granite chess table. The gift was unveiled to the Westerly Library and Wilcox Park Association.

WHS Class of 1969 Gift

The main speakers for the dedication included Joseph Iacoi and Roger Shea, Vice President of the Class of 1969. Iacoi spoke about how important Westerly heritage is to their class. The 300th anniversary of Westerly’s founding took place during their class’s senior year of high school. Now the 350th anniversary coincides with their 50th anniversary. The dedication was filled with reminiscing about the past, but also, looking to the future. Representing the future were four Westerly Middle School students, as Iacoi pointed out, set to graduate in 2025. They are part of the chorus and sang the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America.

Alan Peck, when addressing the group, talked about the process of designing the class gift. He noted how committed and excited everyone was about this gift. He said the original design the committee presented, was a concrete and tile chess table. Peck stated, although nice, making the chess board out of granite would be better suited. Granite fits the significance of the anniversary and a reminder of the heritage of this town.

Shea spoke to the significance of the chess table. He said that chess is like the game of life. Chess requires concentration, strategy, and planning. Mastery over life, or chess, is never complete, as more learning and growth can always take place.

Those interested in playing chess or checkers on the new chess table can borrow the game pieces from the circulation desk in the Westerly Library with their library card. A special marble game set was made and will be used for special occasions.